About the Aura Cacia Portable Diffuser Refill Filter Pads

The Aura Cacia car diffuser replacement filters work for following diffusers:
– car diffuser
– room diffuser
– pocket diffuser

Content Description: Contains 10 refill pads
Ingredients: 10 refill pads (square shape).
Directions: Use with Aura Cacia’s Aromatherapy Car/Room/Pocket Diffusers. Follow specific directions for usage for each product.
Safety Notes: Warning: Avoid direct contact with saturated diffuser pads to prevent possible skin irritation. Do not allow saturated diffuser pads to come into contact with interior surfaces.
Product Notes: Our refill pads are composed of pressed paper fibers. 10 pads per package.
Common Name: Diffuser Refill Pads


TIPS to USE a Vaporizer in general

For most essential oils you would only need a single drop on one segment of the vaporizing cartridge. You can mark this segment on the edge of the cartridge so the same segment can be used with the same oil each time. Different oils may be applied to the other segments.
To change oils simply run the vaporizer until the aroma of the existing oil has passed, then apply another oil to the cartridge. Alternatively, a separate cartridge may be used for each oil.
Oils may be mixed to your own preference by either putting more than one oil on the cartridge at any one time, or blending oils before they are applied, To save any unused oil on the cartridge after use, simply store in self-sealing bag provided.

Weight 0.32 lbs

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