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Quantum Health Supplements

Quantum Health Mission and Company History

Their mission is: To provide high quality, science-based natural products – products that improve the quality of life for our customers – Natural Products that Make a Difference.

This sounds great and it was successful until today as you can find Quantum Health supplements in many health and drug stores online and physical throughout the USA and Canada.

They started in 1981 with a simple philosophy:
produce and market the most effective natural products available.
That was in a time when hardly anybody actually was interested in natural products. But persistence counts!

Now Quantum health is for more than 25 years Quantum Health is the provider for high-quality, effective products and a high-quality, responsive service. Quantum currently offers more than 60 scientifically formulated products designed to help you stay healthy.

Find here their articles and studies about many health conditions and the remedies

All of the Quanbtum Health products are manufactured under exacting quality control standards. Master Herbalists examine the herbs in Quantum products, and most are standardized. Many of their products are subjected to rigorous, peer reviewed scientific studies to prove efficacy.

Quantum Health Popular Supplement Lines:
  • Treat Cold Sores  – Herpes  and provide natural Lip Care
  • Treat the Cold and Flu naturally
  • Treat Canker Sores and Mouth Apthous naturally
  • Treat Eye conditions naturally