boobamboo skin care

BooBamboo – Made In Canada

Boo Bamboo is a Canadian hair and skincare brand with all natural ingredients and organic bamboo extract. They offer different product lines:

  • Boo Bamboo Hair
  • Boo Berry for Colored Hair
  • Boo Bamboo Skin Care
  • Boo Bamboo Baby 

    The Products Containo Certified Organic bamboo extracts
    o Bamboo extract which is the richest known source of natural silica
    o Minerals and organic proteins which is essential for strong, shiny hair
    o Products are strengthening the hair up to 5x

    Why is Bamboo so Beneficial for the Skin and Hair?

    Bamboo is rich in mineral and organic proteins, the bamboo extract helps strengthen the
    hair follicle and retain moisture to promote shine. All the Boo Bamboo hair products
    improve the strength and condition of the hair, helps eliminate frizz and will
    create wonderful shiny hair.