Meet the Writers

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OrganicLifeNow is not just an ordinary shop. We want to provide all important and necessary information about following topics:

  • Organic Lifestyle
  • Sustainability
  • Home Made from Scratch
  • Healthy Food Recipes
  • Living with Nature
  • Special Organic Brands
  • Setting an Organic Example

Meet the OrganicLifeNow Writers

Leah Apra

Leah is a wife, mom, writer and blogger in rural San Diego. Raised with the deep appreciation and love for the ocean and nature that most San Diegans have, Leah has always been a Flower Child. Leah writes and blogs about what she knows: living a healthy from-scratch life in a busy pre-packaged world.

Leah has always been crafty and even taught herself to sew and knit as a child. Leah attended pastry school in San Diego. Her home is filled with the wonderful scents of fresh baked lunchbox bread, exotic Moroccan Harira, and indulgent alfredo with homemade mozzarella cheese. With two critters potty-training, there is always a mess to clean up- Leah is ready, with her DIY Pet Stain Remover and Un-Paper Towel roll.

Living healthfully and organically has changed Leah’s life, just as it has many people’s. After living seizure-free for 7 years, Leah had a recurrence of her epilepsy in 2015. Making organic choices and exploring natural and holistic remedies has helped Leah overcome side effects from her disease and traditional medications.

You can find Leah at home in Fallbrook, CA with her husband, Matthew, their daughter Autumn, and their fur-baby Eva. Leah likes binge-watching documentaries on Netflix and reading Patricia Cornwell novels.

Nick Volz

Nick is a journalism student from California with an interest in natural health, ethno-botany, perma-culture and sustainable living. While living on organic farms in three states, he built gardens, tended orchards, and raised free range goats and chickens for milk and eggs. He is interested in ending hunger and developing intentional communities based on earth-conscious principles.