Invite a Friend

In order to receive the coupon your friend must have done 1 valid purchase with a minimum of $10.
Receive a Coupon for $10 if you invite a friend who makes a purchase!
refer friends and get a gift


When you invite a friend at we will give you a US$10 Referral Credit for each friend who makes 1 qualified first purchase. Your friend must be a new registered customer of (this offer excludes returning or existing members) and live in a different household.

You will only receive a referral Credit for your friend’s first qualified purchase if the purchase was a result of an invite from you via an authorized referral method. If your friend does not click on the personal referral link in their invite email to accept your invitation, you may not receive a Referral Credit and we will have no liability to you because there is no discernible way to identify that the purchase resulted from your referral.

What is a qualified purchase?
This is a purchase made in the Shop.
Free Trial orders do not count as a qualified purchase. There is no limit to the amount of Referral Credits you can earn and Referral Credits will accrue with every eligible friend you refer. You can track your Referral Credits by visiting the invites section in My Account. There you also will find your special referral URL.

If two people refer the same friend, the friend who sent the link that is used to create the new member’s account will be considered the referring friend, regardless of which link was sent to the new member first. There is a limit of one Referral Credit per new email address that is registered on – if the registration is not done completely we cannot track the referral.

You may not use spam or send unsolicited emails to people you don’t personally know to collect Referral Credits and you may not collect Referral Credits by posting on message boards or other online venues in violation of such venues’ terms of use.

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